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18ml pot of Medium £4.50

Order with 6 empty Paint pots for £8.00

Be Creative Medium
BC Medium + pack/6 empty pots

Revolutionise your nail art!

A brand new product to the world of professional nail art … Be Creative presents MEDIUM, a clear paint that works with your current range of paints and pigments to create a whole new world of colour!

18ml pot of Medium £4.50

Or buy it with a pack of 6 empty Paint Pots (18ml size) for £8.50

Empty paint pots (£4.95 for a pack of 6) can be purchased here

Worldwide Distributors

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Empty Paint Pots. Ideal for storing your own paint colour mixes!

Use with Pigments

Whilst in the powder form it is difficult to combine two pigment colours to create a third, so we have come up with a solution. Bind our Pigments with Be Creative Medium.

With the introduction of small amount of our new Medium you can create any number of new shades or colours, and use it just like paint!

Store your new creations in the Be Creative empty Paint Pots for a bespoke and ready-to-go colour collection!

Use with Paints

Perhaps you love one of the Be Creative paint colours, but wish it was more transparent or had a little shimmer?

By simply mixing paint and Medium together you can change the transparency of the paints. Adding a little pigment into the mix will produce not only shimmer, but the new shimmer shade will still work beautifully with the Nail Art Pen!

Store your new creations in the Be Creative empty Paint Pots for a bespoke and ready-to-go colour collection!

Use it neat to create a colour fade from dark to light; simply start with your colour, then add the Medium (a clear paint) and blend with a brush.

Mix a small amount of pigment with Medium for instant paint, or to create a new shade or colour combine 2 pigment colours. For example, white & red will make pink …

  • If you have white paint and a red pigment add the pigment to the Medium to create a paste, then add this paste in small amounts to your white paint to get the desired shade.
  • If you have a white pigment and a red paint, add both to a small amount of medium to create a paste, then either add more medium or add water to thin it.

Create a more transparent shade of paint by exchanging 50% of the paint colour for the Be Creative Medium. Pour the paint and the Medium into an empty paint pot and shake well; you can then use your colour creation with a Nail Art Pen or a brush.

Create a shimmer or glitter paint. Using the the La Vaque Spatula/Scoop add 2 small scoops of the Chameleon Pigment or Party Pigment of your choice to a paint colour; I find the Pastel paint collection is best for this. Exchange half the colour for Be Creative Medium to get a beautiful effect over the nail. To increase the shimmer add more scoops of pigment, shaking well before each use. Your colour creation can be used with the Nail Art Pen.

How to…

Create nail art roses with Be Creative Medium and the Nail Art Pen

How to…

Create Chameleon Pigment flowers using Be Creative Medium

How to…

Create one stroke ribbons using Be Creative Medium

How to…

Create a marbled effect with pigments and Be Creative Medium

4 ways to be creative with Medium

Postage & Packing UK: Next Day Signed For service £5.00  

Postage & Packing International: Europe £7.50  •  Rest of the World £10.00

FREE p&p on orders over £100 (UK & Europe), and on orders over £200 elsewhere

Please see our Terms & Conditions for further details

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