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Empty Gel Paint Pots. Pack of 6 for £4.95

Ideal for storing your own Gel Paint colour mixes! Buy them here

Create a bold look with a fine touch

It’s more than a gel, and it’s more than a paint!

This is a new generation of coloured gel that works like a paint! We bring you the best of each system and pop it in a pot!

Gel Paints are opaque in consistency and are the perfect solution for creating show stopping nail art. This revolutionary product creates a bold look and fine touch. The Gel Paints can be striped and blended together to create unique designs and applied over any enhancement product.

Gel Paints ensure ease of application and guarantee you have more control over your artwork which means you can’t help but produce the most perfect nail designs.

Gel Paints can be both LED and UV cured. They are very forgiving and ideal for both the beginner and advanced technician.

Use sparingly.

4ml pots £13.50 each

8ml pots (white only) £19.95 each

Gel Paint Poppies step-by-step

Download it here (PDF 277kb)

What others say about our Gel Paints

Cheryl Ogden "Gel Paints are a nail technician MUST HAVE product.  I love mine I have used them with Acrylics, Hard Gels and my Gel Polish. They are easy to use and very forgiving; make a mistake and just wipe it away and start again. What I love most is that it does not dry till you pop it under the lamp; this gives me time to blend my colours so flowers look like real flowers! Working with it in the salon is a dream, it’s quick and easy to use and super neat, I can put a simple design on my client’s nails which looks like it has taken me ages to achieve. It’s been a great addition to my kit and I would just like to say “I WANT MORE”.

Karen Thresher “They really do work like paint. You can mix them well to make lots of other colours”

Theresa Bloor “I am not a natural artist but the fact that I have time to play with the paint without worrying about it drying before I am ready really helps. This has given me the confidence to do designs in front of the customer which I never dared to do before”.

Primary colours






Black Gel Paint is currently unavailable


Get  Sam’s Gel Paint DVD ‘Find Your Inner Artist’

Your free Gel Paint step-by-step videos

One Stroke Nail Art using Gel Paints

Blue Butterflies

4ml primary colours £13.50 each, incl Mystic Nails black (NB see purchase note below*)

8ml pot, white only, £19.95 each

Pack/6 empty Gel Paint Pots at £4.95 per pack

Individual pots

Click to view a larger image


Worldwide Distributors

Add Shimmer to your Gel Paint

Sam shows you how to create a metallic gel paint, by simply mixing pigment into your colour collection.

Find it at

Add to Mix Gel Paint Colours

With just 6 primary colours you can make a whole rainbow of shades and hues. Sam shows you how.

Find it at

How Thin is Thin?

A thin application of gel paint will give you more control, it will allow you a better finish and the curing is no problem.

Find it at

Top Tips for your Gel Paints

 White (4ml)- currently out of stock
 White (8ml)- currently out of stock
 Black Mystic Nails* (4ml)
 ADD Empty Gel Paint Pots (6pk)

*Mystic Nails Black Gel Paint - important purchase note

We are completely out of stock of our Black Gel Paint and we’re offering a Mystic Nails replacement; we are authorised to sell & distribute Mystic Nails in mainland UK only (England, Scotland & Wales) so please do not order Black Gel if you require it shipped outside of that area. If you do order it in error you will be refunded.

Thank you.

What others say about our Gel Paints

Vikki Taylor Dodds “The gel paints have the versatility of paint and the coverage and staying power of a gel, they are simple to use and easily mastered, offering a very consistent colour that makes the most simple designs that create a real ‘wow’ finish. It's great that the paints can be used alongside Gel Polish and acrylic and allows the technician even more freedom to be creative! Unlike other products I have used there is no bulking under a gel top coat which gives that flawless gel polish look to your art work”.

Postage & Packing UK: Next Day Signed For service £5.00  

Postage & Packing International: Europe £7.50  •  Rest of the World £10.00

FREE p&p on orders over £100 (UK & Europe), and on orders over £200 elsewhere

Please see our Terms & Conditions for further details

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